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Welcome to Cranston Country Nursery


Our Staff


We offer great facilities for your children but of course,there is more to nursery care than a good physical environment. Children need a happy and fun place – somewhere they can feel safe and secure. Creating the right emotional environment is down to our staff. Recognising the key role that staff play when it comes to quality of care, we ensure a full programme of initial training for staff joining Cranston Country Nursery and ongoing professional development for all staff working with us.

Additionally we access external training for areas including first aid; child protection. We believe in enabling staff to set and achieve greater goals in developing a creative and stimulating environment for your child. The staff caring for the babies are selected for their experience and we look for warm, mature and confident people who can give expert and professional care, responding quickly and accurately to meet the needs of the very young child.

The external and in-house training is to enhance our staff member’s already considerable skills. They learn about caring for different age groups, promoting positive behaviours, promoting development through play, baby care and working in partnership with parents, child protection
and first aid.

Creating the right emotional environment is down to the Management and Staff team of Cranston Country Nursery. We understand the importance of building a creative happy and stimulated staff team and feel that this is vital to delivering a secure and stable environment for your child.

Cranston Country Nursery is owned and managed by: Julie Wiechec NNEB and Jane Bergin CQSW
We all have many years experience in childcare and are totally committed to the development of children and working closely with parents / carers.
We have all undergone the much acclaimed Mindstore Programme, boosting creativity and promoting positive thinking.

We believe in enabling staff to set and achieve greater goals in developing a creative and stimulating environment for your child.
Cranston Country Nursery work with only quality staff and offer on-going training and support to staff to ensure the delivery of High Quality Childcare.

What is it like at Cranston Country Nursery?




Learning at Cranston

“The fun and pleasure of playing is a vital part of a happy childhood as well as being crucial to children’s development as individuals and members of society. High quality play opportunities and provision of a physical and social environment that supports play increase the likelihood of improved outcomes for children.”

The Scottish Government Play Strategy for Scotland

Cranston Country Nursery is in partnership with Midlothian Council to provide early years care and education. We follow the curriculums set by the Scottish Government. For children aged 3-5 years we follow The Curriculum for Excellence. For children up to aged 3 we follow the Pre-Birth to Three Curriculum. We provide all children with a variety of play experiences according to their individual needs. Planned and informal activities take place every day to help your child grow as a person and develop as:

• A Responsible Citizen
• An Effective Contributor
• A Confident Individual
• A Successful Learner

Through working and playing together, children grow into responsible and caring individuals. They learn respect for each other, sharing, caring and other vital social skills that will assist them as they grow and develop.

Cranston Country nursery sits in a rural setting, surrounded by fields, containing horses, cows, sheep and the occasional hare or two. Your child will be cared for in a setting that does not have traffic fumes and introduces them to the animals housed in the surrounding fields. We have wonderful, safe outside areas for all our children including :

• Wild Garden
• Hard Surface Play Area
• Grassed Area

There is a large climbing frame, a trampoline for physical play: a sand tray. a large mud kitchen for imaginative play. A water area for scientific play. A large boat in which the children travel to many far flung destinations. For our very young children we have a separate area used only by them. This has both hard and soft surfaces with a variety of resources suitable for the very young child. We encourage the children outside regardless of the weather. Find out more about our outside facilities!


At Cranston Country Nursery we have separate play rooms for all ages. The children are split into age groups:

• Poppy Room for 0-18 months
• Sunshine Room for 18 months – 2 years
• Ladybird Room for 2-3 years
• Rainbow Room for 3-5 years

All rooms are bright, spacious and provide a stimulating environment. There are child safe outside play areas again separated for the different
age groups.



We have a dedicated music room and the children work with a musicality programme which includes:

• Listening
• Moving
• Sounds
• Singing and Creating
• Using sets of instrument bags which support the programme




We organise outings both locally and further afield visits to parks, Vogrie Country Park, local farms, Deep Sea World and other interesting venues. Each summer we hold an annual Barbeque involving all children in 3-5 years group in Vogrie Country Park.



To mark the end of their preschool journey we hold a Graduation Ceremony involving all the children who are leaving us to go to school. This ceremony is held at the end of June each year.


Our Mission

Cranston Country Nursery’s philosophy and rural settings shapes the childcare we provide.
We believe in treating children as unique individuals and we work in close partnership with parents/carers.

Cranston Country Nursery is situated in a wonderful rural setting enabling us to offer great facilities for your child.

Our spectacular child-safe outside play areas provide your child with opportunities to:

  • Work in a natural and clean air environment.
  • Use their imagination working with natural resources.
  • Plant, grow and eat their own produce.
  • Be part of the changing seasons.
  • Enjoy the freedom of an outside environment.
  • Explore and understand environmental issues.


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